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Odds & ends, originally uploaded by Kevin Steele

Tidbits and leftovers from this week in new media:

The On Point makeover proceeds apace. The design all finished, it is now up to our boy genius programmer to conjure up a functioning website. Pray for him, people. (more…)


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To Tell the Truth, originally uploaded by ShellyS.

Tell the truth.

Yet another fundraiser, so you reflexively reach for the iPod or—God forbid—Zune. (more…)

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Almost Lost in Translation

2006-04 Star Trek Experience Handheld Universal Translator, originally uploaded by cromely.

This bit of head-scratching doggerel cropped up in my inbox the other day: (more…)

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Greg Hawkes, originally uploaded by WBUR.

My photography skills are constrained by a considerable lack of talent, and the ego takes a fresh bruising every time I click through the Listener Photo Project.

Through gritted teeth I thank you all. (more…)

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[Tris Speaker, Boston AL (baseball)] (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

Todd Mundt is no garden-variety public radio servant.

A new media evangelist in public broadcasting circles, he is the brains behind “Louisville Public Media.” Notice that is not “radio,” or “broadcasting,” but “media.” (more…)

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Five Geese, originally uploaded by emorgan49.

Today I’ll try to be brief to make amends for my recent meandering, self-indulgent, windy posts.

As I blogged before, a gasket-blowing photo CMS pushed me into the arms of Flickr. But since I can be a little delayed on the uptake, it took months before I came to appreciate its community-building ramifications. (Wow! Comments!).

The Listener Photo Project was born from this dawning realization. And for those that don’t know what I am talking about, please click here. Currently, we are up to 97 members. Not too shabby eh? We founded the group (course, others did all the work), but as Jeff Jarvis observes “Communities are owned by the community.” I have taken that to heart and tossed the keys to one listener, and should any one else want to help drive please holler.

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Day 96, originally uploaded by kimberly hurst.

I had just finished spooning down my Raisin Bran (no, they are not an underwriter) when the phone rang. The wife handed me the receiver. It was the boss. (more…)

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