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Ta Da!

The New On Point, originally uploaded by WBUR.

No sooner had I finished with yesterday’s post than I noticed On Point’s spanking new website had surreptitiously slipped out of drydock. Sigh. And to think we are in the communications biz….


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wednesday afternoon, originally uploaded by brianwferry

Random notes from a slumberous Summer afternoon…

The webmaster is slouched over his PC well into a frenetic, caffeine-fueled, finger-numbing, code-slinging marathon, the end of which promises a new, improved, sweet-lookin’ On Point website. The monster is due to rise up off the slab this week. So keep the faith, people. We are oh-so-very-close. (more…)

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King George III and National Gallery, originally uploaded by Jay Pastor.

Bob Garfield’s earnest, moldy take on the evils of online comments reaps a whirlwind in the blogosphere. Not helping matters was Ira Glass, whose response to a loaded question was to conjure up the On the Media host as a latter-day George III. (more…)

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Help Wanted

help wanted, originally uploaded by kandyjaxx

Fresh on the heels of WBUR’s first “Tweet-Up,” another opportunity presents itself to debunk the stereotype of social media sites as all sizzle but no steak—a project that could sell the naysayers on social media’s news-gathering utility. Folks would then be forced to sit up and take notice. At least I hope they will.

To pull this off I am going to need your help.

WBUR’s Inside Out documentary unit is producing a program on the decline of the middle class. They need people feeling the economic pinch to contact them. (more…)

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DSC_0188, originally uploaded by WBUR.

The downpour made Hub traffic especially difficult last night, so the generous turnout at WBUR’s first social media event was all the more impressive. (more…)

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Geeks, originally uploaded by xamesm.

I am skeptical this will generate responses, but here goes….

Eclipsed by the news of The Bryant Park Project’s untimely demise is NPR’s release of its API. The announcement is making some public radio geeks’ hearts go a pitter-patter. (more…)

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With Ken George: BFF, originally uploaded by stevegarfield

Podcamp Boston, where to begin?

My attendance was curtailed by responsibilities on the home front, but general impressions gleaned from my all-too-short visit to camp read like a hackneyed weather report (and no, I am not looking for work in the forecasting biz, so you may withdraw the offers forthwith): The intellectually and creatively charged atmosphere, cackling with ambition, exuberance, and good fun (are podcasters as a general rule required to be that funny?) left me feeling exhilarated. (more…)

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