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On Point: Live from the 2008 DNC, originally uploaded by WBUR.

As I type this, the DNC production teams are slowly making their way back home and a new crew is headed to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. No break for Bob, Robin, and Tom, however. All of next week they will be reporting to you from the RNC. (more…)


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A New NPR Blog, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I see that NPR has launched two new blogs. (more…)

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Conventional Thinking

Reporting from the Convention, originally uploaded by WBUR.

WBUR’s extensive convention coverage has this On Point listener fuming: (more…)

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A Beach in Pescadero, CA, originally uploaded by Ken George.

Tanned, rested (well, not really), and raring to go (almost).

Please excuse the prolonged lapse in blogging. File under “best laid plans.”

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Fail Whale, originally uploaded by emdot

Talk about timing. In the wake of WBUR’s second “Tweet-Up,” Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam lights a fuse under the “Twitterverse.” Of course, I am guilty of helping fan the resulting firestorm by “Tweeting” the link to the column and some of your colorful responses. (more…)

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Social Media Gathering II

In the Event Room, originally uploaded by WBUR.

>>Got event pics? Please submit them to our Flickr group.

It was a smaller, but no less enthusiastic group that gathered for WBUR’s second social media get-together. And between all the snaps, amply supplemented by Gene Koo’s Flip videography, and with Adam Zand going full bore on Utterz, we have a far heftier multimedia record of the proceedings. (more…)

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Middle Class Blues

They bought it! The choreography was flawless: a series of smoothly executed pirouettes and fouettés that had ‘em leaping from their chairs with applause. (more…)

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