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Getting Social on npr.org

My recent rant about social media overload notwithstanding, out of loyalty to the mothership, I created an account on NPR’s new social media site. Please sign up and “friend me” as currently I have nada, nothing, zilch. All you public radio fans head right this way to register. And remember that’s Ken George. K-e-n G-e-o-r-g-e. (more…)


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Twitter shirt, originally uploaded by niallkennedy.

I considered a longer post about this today. Scanned it on the Greenline and muttered to myself as I mulled a response during a drizzly slog from Central Square to 890 Commonwealth Avenue. (more…)

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Treading Water

peter in the water-treading contest, originally uploaded by fatniu.

Increasingly I find myself flailing about in a sea of social media. Proliferating like forest mushrooms after a summer rain, social networks are, in my imagination, metastasizing into one vast Galactus-like entity gorging on precious time and focus. Web Two Point Oh! stuff seeps into the evening, consuming family time (there’s irony for ya). Exhausted from treading water, it’s all I can do to keep from being found floating face down in the morning. (more…)

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Friday was a day of wonder.

At eight o’clock that evening I witnessed the miracle that is modern space travel from a church parking lot crowded with grade schoolers, the International Space Station hundreds of miles overhead. We watched as the tin can with three occupants inside cut a west-to-east arc across the evening sky before disappearing into penumbral inkiness. (more…)

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Number Three

How Many Fingers?, originally uploaded by WBUR.


The brilliance at last night’s third social media gathering left heads throbbing here at the station. And coffee is not proving a salutary antidote. Any known cures for social media–induced hangovers? (more…)

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What do you want from me ?, originally uploaded by Wonderlane.

Our gray hairs (or lack thereof) and wrinkle lines document years spent parsing what you, dear listener/user, want to see, read, or experience on the website of your NPR News Station of choice. We are tired and weary, but obsessively determined to crack this nut. (more…)

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Collaborate, originally uploaded by Manzabar.

Inspired by Andy Carvin’s yeoman effort, as well as SoMe Election 08, I am in the mood for something adventurous. Specifically, how can 90.9 collaborate on some sort sort of crowd-sourced project? (more…)

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