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Clint Cavanaugh introduces the Twitterati to the WBUR studios during the fourth social media event, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Last evening’s social media event drew our largest crowd to date. I guesstimate about 30+ people passed through our doors. Thank you to all who braved traffic-clogged Commonwealth Avenue and those insufferable stuffed-to-busting Green Line trains. I hope you found the event justified the hassle. And I was glad to see about 12 folks at the post-session eat-and-drink. The Sunset owes me a commission. 😉 (more…)


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THE OPEN GATE, originally uploaded by lewsviews.

My apologies for the let-up in blogging—a nasty virus has sapped my limited ability to string sentences together to form coherent sentences. So this entry will be brief … very brief. (more…)

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pinoy feast, originally uploaded by SaddaGocaraRupa.

Yesterday I feasted on lunch and ideas with Andrea Mercado, four feet something inches of spark and spunk, bursting with suggestions on how the station could use social media to strengthen connections with our community of listeners. I found her exuberance exhausting. (more…)

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The Sound and the Fury

yelling, originally uploaded by stucklo6an.

People get mad at us from time to time … even infuriated. (more…)

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Sones de México, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Talk about a small world…

A little Facebook-facilitated serendipity just drove home to me yet again the power of social media in making connections or, in this particular case, re-establishing old ones. (more…)

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Meet the Candidates

Victoria Woodhull, originally uploaded by WBUR

And the first woman to run for president is? No sooner had I Tweeted this question earlier today then @two_ontheaisle came back with “Victoria Woodhull.” I was impressed, as I had never hear of Woodhull until this morning, when NPR’s Contenders tipped me off about her special place in American history. Of course, perhaps @two_ontheaisle listened to the series, which broadcast last week or chanced upon it online as I did earlier today. (more…)

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Boeri’s Latest Beat

New Host, Big Fish, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Ladies and gentlemen! “The Italian Navigator,” a.k.a. David Boeri, resident Tweeter, amateur sleuth, gardener, and orchardist, can now add “blogger” to his resume. Right this way to Boeri’s latest beat. (more…)

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