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Talking Turkey

Wild Turkeys 3-7-08, originally uploaded by Vicki’s Nature.

Wow. Yesterday’s request for feedback on using social media tools to solicit pledges generated a cascade of thoughtful comments both Tweeted and posted here. (more…)


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July Workshops on Social Media and Fundraising, originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg.

To tell you the truth, it is not something I am especially effective at. And I just don’t have the chops for the whole on-air pledge-drive routine. My hat goes off to those dedicated co-workers holed up in a glass-enclosed studio for hours, the electric ether transmitting their calls to action to thousands of listeners. (more…)

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The New Here & Now Logo, originally uploaded by WBUR.
After month—maybe years—of agonizing arm-twisting and office furniture broken in fits of creative pique (okay, I exaggerate), the redesign of “Here & Now” inches oh-so-very-close to completion. Let the heavens rejoice! (more…)

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Locavore Breakfast, originally uploaded by lanceball.

Based on this and the previous post, it is quite evident I am hankering for Turkey Day….

Public radio gourmands, unite! Grab your chef’s apron and hurry to the kitchen and help me cook up a heady stew steeped in Web 2.0 wholesomeness. (more…)

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The Mediovore, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Human-powered aggregator Todd Mundt trolls the interwebs and, after snaring choice bits of public media, serves them up fresh daily (?) at The Mediovore. (more…)

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Local Hero

Verbatim, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Kudos to Karen Wise, she of formidable editing chops, consummate reader, mother, passionate cook, public radio podcast subscriber, a true mensch. (more…)

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graybeard, originally uploaded by Keith.Allison.

Time to exit the gilded news cage and get “eye level” with the plebs. Sure that’s a tad hyperbolic, but that is in essence what Luke “Too Beautiful To Live” Burbank prescribes us button-down radio folk do if we want to snare the younger, hipper, iPod-accessorized listener. (more…)

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