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Holiday Hiatus

Scared of Santa, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Please excuse the sporadic blogging. (more…)


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Park Avenue, Arlington, MA, originally uploaded by Ken George

Take a deep breath. We survived “Snowmageddon” ’08. T-shirts anyone? (more…)

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New Here & Now Redesign, originally uploaded by WBUR.

For eons now I have been tempting listeners with promises of a shiny and improved Here & Now website. My initial post bemoaned the show logo itself, a flawed, convex monstrosity, sprinkled with what for all the world looked liked expletives plucked from cartoon bubbles (an unfortunate resemblance not unnoticed by a certain public radio host who shall remain nameless). (more…)

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Paul Levy’s Blog "Running a Hospital", originally uploaded by WBUR

Fire sale here at the station: All audio most go and at unbelievably low prices! In fact, no price at all: Nada. Zilch. Zero. (more…)

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That Time Again, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Ditch that iPod, lady (okay, you can keep it as long as it’s loaded up with On Point, Here & Now, Only a Game, Radio Boston, and WBUR newscasts … oh, and the new Bottom Line podcast … right this way, folks), and immediately tune that radio dial back to its natural default: nine zero point nine. We’ve crated and stored the remaining schwag, boxed the pledge phones, and polished off the leftover sandwiches. (more…)

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NPR, originally uploaded by alwright1.

You’ve undoubtedly heard this by now: NPR is trimming “seven percent of its work force” in response to a souring economy. Among the casualties are two of its national shows: Day to Day and News and Notes. Here is the official press release. (more…)

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Introducing Public Radio Kitchen, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I blogged about this some time back, tantalizing you with the delectable offerings awaiting you there. Now I am pleased to announce that the Public Radio Kitchen, a site for those who like good food along with good radio, is officially open. Come on in. (more…)

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