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Word Salad

The BBC Restaurant’s Unusual Menu, originally uploaded by juliebee.

There has been a bunch of incomprehensible gibberish on the site for the last 24 hours or so. A crude draft, bordering on word salad not fit for prime time. (more…)


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Taking Stock

Then We Left, originally uploaded by Anne Bennett.

The high of last month’s sublime social media event (read about it here and here and here and here) has not yet abated, and I am most eagerly anticipating 90.9’s next big community event. Despite this, now is the time to take full measure of “90.9 at Web 2.0,” especially considering the fact that I’ve just been commissioned to put a “social media strategy” to virtual paper. (more…)

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A Brief Word of Thanks


Back in the States. Back in the cold.

At least this morning’s blanket of snow covered the filth-flecked white and muted green and brown palettes that herald the start of winter’s terminal phase. (more…)

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In the Meantime


Hello. New Media intern here again. I must confess I too am responsible for the Converstation’s recent neglect.  But who can blame me? I’ve been single-handedly running the station (OK … I’ve mostly been blogging about vegetables) this week. The office is bit emptier than usual, what with Ken off swinging through tropical rainforests and making monkey friends, others on February break, and still others down in Hotlanta for the Integrated Media Association‘s 2009 Public Media Conference.* (more…)

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On Hiatus

Please excuse the lack of recent updates. The proprietor is on a temporary sojourn away from the New England cold and long, dark nights. I will return next week, rested, sun-tanned, and more than ready to resume the “converstation.”

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The Future Is Now

Breaking News, originally uploaded by Martin Deutsch.

The future of news … or radio … or media … or whatever you want to call it.

Jay Rosen, a leading explorer of possibilities inherent in a viral, networked, porous, low-barriers-to-entry, mixed-up, multimedia public space, spoke with Tom Ashbrook yesterday. Ironic, isn’t it, that this particular guest and topic came as it did so shortly after last week’s Tweet-Up at the station, where folks much smarter then I chewed over similar themes? Wish I could claim credit for planning it that way. (more…)

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First Tweet-Up of 2009

Thank you to all who braved the dark New England night, the deep winter chill, and a malfunctioning T to gather at the station. It was a record turnout that had us within a gnat’s breath of trampling the fire code.

This is what happens when someone with 35,000 followers retweets you. (more…)

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