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When it comes to a willingness to embrace social media technologies, Steve Brown is squarely on the A-Team here at the station. Armed with Flip Video cam, I naturally sought him out so I would have something compelling for show and tell at the KM Forum at Bentley.

I most especially appreciate what he said about listener engagement and his reference to 90.9 as a “living, breathing organism.” Amen.


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Shhhhh. You hear that? Exactly.

Thank you for helping us meet our goal.

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Who are those headphone-wearing folks in WBUR’s “event room,” seated at rows of laptops and looking for all the world like they belong in that concrete nest looming over Logan, guiding the red-eye onto the tarmac?

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Just as I share the big news about On Point’s senior producer embracing his inner Tweet (Twit?), the service slows to a pace familiar to geologists everywhere. (more…)

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One of the steady hands at the helm when the Atlantic Monthly first dipped its prow into the waters of Web 1.0, On Point’s Senior Producer Wen Stephenson is certainly well-positioned to talk about the crisis the newspaper industry faces in this brave new digital world. (more…)

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Under the 90.9 Banner, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Since beginning this blog way back in early ’08 (okay, okay, it’s been only a year, but it seems like an eternity, and the experience has given me a healthier respect for the discipline and talent require to post pithy, fresh observations on a daily basis—I’m lucky if I can muster stale leftovers every other Tuesday) I’ve blogged about that stubborn fixture of the public radio system known as the fund drive. (more…)

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Note: Lisa Johnson, attorney, WBUR volunteer, and the blogger behind Anali’s First Amendment, participated in the station’s first “eat-up.” Here she shares some thoughts on food, radio, and 90.9.

Food isn’t just about the food. It’s the context of eating. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, some bread and butter, or a six-course meal. Our defenses our down. We’re open and our senses are working overtime. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. If you want someone to remember, feed them. You’ll create a memory. And if you believe in the sixth sense, well that’s probably fired up too. (more…)

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