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This was just too good to pass up.

“If Brian Lehrer is Spock and Leonard Lopate is McCoy, Who is Brooke Gladstone?:”

That’s it with the the Trek meme.

I promise.


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MISNOMER(S), originally uploaded by Misnomer(S).

And in no particular order…

Ira Glass “works” for National Public Radio.

We get this a lot. “This American Life” is produced by WBEZ in Chicago and distributed by Public Radio International, not NPR. Glass once worked at National Public Radio, but he left those warrens to follow his own muse. The TAL website is copyright © 2008, Chicago Public Radio and Ira Glass, suggesting that the latter enjoys some sort of ownership rights of the program.


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One of our own will be spending some time at that other university (you know, the one across the river): The estimable Martha Bebinger, one of 90.9’s crackerjack health reporters and keeper of Commonhealth, the go-to destination for incisive perspectives on the issue of healthcare reform in the Bay State (and, not incidentally, our most successful blog-like experiment to date), is now a 2009-2010 Nieman Fellow.

Kudos Martha!

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Us public radio folk are not shy about mining the cultural zeitgeist—especially if it gives us an excuse to fully express our inner geekiness. Case in point: The recent spate of Star Trek stories. (more…)

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Food Then

No, we haven’t gone all “Food Channel” on you.

Actually, the fare served up on one of those look-alike, ubiquitous cable cooking shows is an embarrassment of dishes compared to the cuisine of America’s lean hungry years. (more…)

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Bob Garfield, co-host of the reliably superb “On the Media” (which airs Sundays on 90.9) peers into the media horizon and divines signs that bode ill for those of us in the content biz … bode very ill indeed … apocalyptically so. (more…)

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An interesting coincidence, is it not, that much of Bob Oakes’ field research is conducted tableside at local eateries?


The Morning Edition host diligently digs into some oysters … er, I mean is digging up a big, important news story alongside Legal Seafood CEO Roger Berkowitz.


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