The station has now entered the manic, terminal phase of wbur.org’s redesign.

Light trickles in from the other end of that damnably long tunnel, slicing through that suffocating, Stygian darkness. We should be on the other side in a matter of days weeks. Fingers remain tightly crossed. Continue Reading »


Here’s an archive of “Uncle Walter’s” series of reminiscences he recorded for National Public Radio from 2001 – 2005.

Social Capital

Types of Social Capital, originally uploaded by DuncanWork.

Please read Robert Patterson’s excellent post about how in some markets public media is helping members of the public especially hard hit by the cratering economy. Continue Reading »

NPR page screen capture.

The King of Pop is dead. Long live the King.

Or haven’t you heard?

Okay, I’ll resist the temptation to heavily lather on more snarkiness, despite my reflexive tendency to do just that. Continue Reading »

Happy 4th

boston rain, originally uploaded by cmurtaugh.

You don’t need me to remind you of the unseasonably cold and overcast weather, aligned more to the New England temperament at baseline than those sunny, warm days typical this far into the season.

At the station: Lots of sullen looks, sighs, head shakes, and manifestations of odd behavior. Steve Brown opened the door to the patio this afternoon and almost wistfully stared at the downpour. David Boeri barks at the traffic louder than usual during his impossibly long commute home, the first leg of which I share as far as Arlington Heights (which I heretofore thought was intolerably far from the office until David revealed where he calls home). And the lobby now sports an aquarium sans fish. Huh? Continue Reading »

Cookie on NPR

I only wish Cokie interviewed him…