Great Expectations

dabvidboerigunOne of my colleagues is a notional blogger at best. The time spent waiting for his next post is measurable in geological time. And don’t get even get me started on Twitter. I had hair last time he Tweeted me.

This shortcoming of his I all too often forgive after reading his stuff. To wit: “How I Spent My 30th Birthday.”

Naturally my expectations have been tempered since those halcyon days when I first introduced @davidboeri to the miracle that is WordPress. Re-reading my post from that time (approximately six months + change), it is abundantly clear I harbored great—though quite unrealistic—expectations.

David assures me that in the coming months, he plans to increase his output. I hope, foolishly and futilely perhaps, that this will turn out to be the case. He is a journalist full of stories informed by decades walking a beat that has taken him to crime-ridden back alleys and other extreme environments (some literally at the top of the world).

Tell us more, David!


Further evidence of our listener’s intelligence, perspicacity, creativity…

Exhibit A: Wahyd Vannoni, polyglot, word traveler, magazine publisher, and regular attendee of the 90.9 Tweet-Ups.

Being the good entrepreneur that he is, Wahyd spies a potential revenue opportunity for public radio stations in his iPod:

If I press again the central button on my iPod, I get the following information on the show:

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The Sound of Silence: Garages, originally uploaded by fotologic.

Yes, this space is all dust and cobwebs lately.

Other demands have taken a titanic-sized chunk out of my time. My apologies. Clearly the time has come to re-evaluate if I should continue.

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Fund Drive?

Piggy savings bank, originally uploaded by alancleaver_2000.

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Icons and Verticals


Well, there hasn’t exactly been a flood of Twitter icon submissions. I’d settle for a trickle at this point. Actually, I’d settle for one. Anybody? Continue Reading »


Announcing our first-ever design-a-new-Twitter-icon-for-@wbur-contest. (A.k.a. a plaintive cry for help.) Continue Reading »

Blue Tuna

Thursday last, 40-plus food bloggers of various stripes invaded the station as part of the second local food blogger meet-up “sponsored” by 90.9. For a couple of hours that evening, foodies outnumbered the old-fashioned radio folk. Had a coup been successfully staged, you’d now be tuning to “Boston’s NPR Food Station.” Think of the possibilities! Continue Reading »