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The historic first “Tweet-up”, originally uploaded by WBUR.

It’s edifying to read what people write about 90.9 in their blogs (well … it’s often edifying). (more…)


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Second Thoughts

The next social media geek fest was to be held in March, since we are hosting a local food-blogger get-together on February 26, but having visited Media Nation, I now find myself rather guiltily reconsidering holding off until March. (more…)

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Introducing Public Radio Kitchen, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I blogged about this some time back, tantalizing you with the delectable offerings awaiting you there. Now I am pleased to announce that the Public Radio Kitchen, a site for those who like good food along with good radio, is officially open. Come on in. (more…)

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steam engine, originally uploaded by mwboeckmann.

Ears pressed to the rail, divining speed and distance from minute vibrations, the gifted prognosticators in this business have for years warned of its coming. “And it’s very, very big,” they told us. (more…)

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Wanted: You

DSC_8361.NEF, originally uploaded by david owen.

Consider this my plea for help.

As I don’t want to monopolize the conversation in this space, might I be able to convince some public radio connoisseurs and/or new media hipsters to blog here from time to time? Or at the very least help seed topics and respond to comments? (more…)

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