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QuotesNew year, new president, new … new media intern at WBUR. No, I’m not as exciting as the passage of time or President Obama, but I love a good portmanteau, so I’m joining the converstation. My name’s Lexy, and I’m a senior at Boston University, an avid consumer of public media, and one of the recent additions to the team of bright young whippersnappers learning the public radio ropes. (more…)


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Second Thoughts

The next social media geek fest was to be held in March, since we are hosting a local food-blogger get-together on February 26, but having visited Media Nation, I now find myself rather guiltily reconsidering holding off until March. (more…)

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Introducing Public Radio Kitchen, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I blogged about this some time back, tantalizing you with the delectable offerings awaiting you there. Now I am pleased to announce that the Public Radio Kitchen, a site for those who like good food along with good radio, is officially open. Come on in. (more…)

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Burning Up the Blog

RNC 2008 – On Point, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Phyllis Schlafly’s intemperate assertions on abortion and Democrats has more then a few On Point listeners seeing red. Here is a snippet of what the iconic social conservative told Tom Ashbrook yesterday: (more…)

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A New NPR Blog, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I see that NPR has launched two new blogs. (more…)

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What Should We Do With this Site?, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Think it’s bad now? Just wait until those puffed-up political set-pieces otherwise know as the conventions. Once the first coronation kicks off on August 25, brace for a ratcheting-up of the pummeling now through November 4 as jaw-boning pundits and other esteemed members of the Fourth Estate disgorge conventional electoral wisdom eight ways ’til Sunday. (more…)

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Blogging for Cats, originally uploaded by Vicki’s Pics.

A tip of the hat to that other public broadcasting giant (you know the one that also does TV) for embracing blogs in a big way. More specifically, for one show in particular that has embraced blogs in a big way, and here I refer to the estimable “The World.” (more…)

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