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A New NPR Blog, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I see that NPR has launched two new blogs. (more…)


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Blogging for Cats, originally uploaded by Vicki’s Pics.

A tip of the hat to that other public broadcasting giant (you know the one that also does TV) for embracing blogs in a big way. More specifically, for one show in particular that has embraced blogs in a big way, and here I refer to the estimable “The World.” (more…)

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Google allows me to indulge my obsessional nature.

I eagerly type “WBUR” into Google every workday morning. And, naturally, I am unable to curb the impulse to click on just about every link the results serve up. (more…)

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To Tell the Truth, originally uploaded by ShellyS.

Tell the truth.

Yet another fundraiser, so you reflexively reach for the iPod or—God forbid—Zune. (more…)

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Day 96, originally uploaded by kimberly hurst.

I had just finished spooning down my Raisin Bran (no, they are not an underwriter) when the phone rang. The wife handed me the receiver. It was the boss. (more…)

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