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Car Talk

Taxi, originally uploaded by Stephan Geyer.

The only blot on Tuesday nights “Tweet-Up”: my trek to Arlington after the obligatory eats and drinks at The Sunset. I live in the Heights, only about 13 or so miles as the crow flies from the Hub, but when you are as dependent on the T as I am, it at times can feel like eighty. (more…)


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Animated Responses

Those Car Talk Guys Sure Are Animated, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Wow. I am humbled by the response to my call for a “Tweet-Up.”

Based on demand registered here and elsewhere, I’d say there is enough interest to easily justify two sessions: One for the afternoon crowd, and perhaps a morning session for the bagels and coffee set (Be forewarned, Mr. Howard, I fully expect you to reciprocate with a quick Wet Paint tutorial. An account has been created for this very purpose.) (more…)

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Car Talk Mug, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I must be crazy for rewarding people for criticizing us. Perhaps so.

Regardless, here it goes:

Take a long, hard look at wbur.org and affiliated websites. (more…)

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