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Hope and Change

Radio Boston logo, originally uploaded by WBUR.

The country’s collective psyche is souring under the weight of a recession of historic proportion and expectations for soon-to-be number 44 lofting to near stratospheric levels. (more…)


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Pink Slips, originally uploaded by My Hobo Soul.

“Fear is the mind-killer,” says media whiz Laura Fitton, quoting “Dune.” She of the @pistachio Twitter moniker with the gazillions of followers, @wbur among them, is organizing “pink slip parties,” intended as morale boosters and networking opportunities for the recently laid off. (more…)

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Boeri’s Latest Beat

New Host, Big Fish, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Ladies and gentlemen! “The Italian Navigator,” a.k.a. David Boeri, resident Tweeter, amateur sleuth, gardener, and orchardist, can now add “blogger” to his resume. Right this way to Boeri’s latest beat. (more…)

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Fundraising at WBUR 2, originally uploaded by manifest magazine

First, due to your generosity, the pledge drive netted a one followed by six zeros—a historic total for 90.9. I find that amount all the more humbling given the economy’s southward direction. Thank you! (more…)

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Friday was a day of wonder.

At eight o’clock that evening I witnessed the miracle that is modern space travel from a church parking lot crowded with grade schoolers, the International Space Station hundreds of miles overhead. We watched as the tin can with three occupants inside cut a west-to-east arc across the evening sky before disappearing into penumbral inkiness. (more…)

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The winner gets 10K.

Speaking of citizen journalists, I look forward to meeting my share at WBUR’s next big social meeting get-together on Tuesday, September 16, at 5ish. I have assurances that David Boeri, Radio Boston host and journalistic “bigfoot” will be in attendance. Be prepared to pepper him with questions about Whitey’s whereabouts.

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Vincent J. “Jimmy the Bear” Flemmi originally uploaded by WBUR.

Resident gumshoe David Boeri has a piece in Boston Magazine about John Connolly’s current batch of legal troubles. (more…)

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