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Blue Tuna

Thursday last, 40-plus food bloggers of various stripes invaded the station as part of the second local food blogger meet-up “sponsored” by 90.9. For a couple of hours that evening, foodies outnumbered the old-fashioned radio folk. Had a coup been successfully staged, you’d now be tuning to “Boston’s NPR Food Station.” Think of the possibilities! (more…)


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wednesday afternoon, originally uploaded by brianwferry

Random notes from a slumberous Summer afternoon…

The webmaster is slouched over his PC well into a frenetic, caffeine-fueled, finger-numbing, code-slinging marathon, the end of which promises a new, improved, sweet-lookin’ On Point website. The monster is due to rise up off the slab this week. So keep the faith, people. We are oh-so-very-close. (more…)

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