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Obama wins!, originally uploaded by birdfarm.

Our headlines are filled with examples showing just how far we have to go, but this presidential election is testament to how far we’ve come. — WBUR Anchor Delores Handy Brown



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THE OPEN GATE, originally uploaded by lewsviews.

My apologies for the let-up in blogging—a nasty virus has sapped my limited ability to string sentences together to form coherent sentences. So this entry will be brief … very brief. (more…)

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The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN, originally uploaded by Image Editor.

Well folks, they fired up the monstrous supercollider and I am still here. No metastasizing blackholes consuming WBUR along with the known universe. But this is a trial run, so we ain’t out of the woods just yet. Push the lever into the full “up” position and we could all be neck-deep in the Big Galactic Muddy once the needle dips into the red. (more…)

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What Should We Do With this Site?, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Think it’s bad now? Just wait until those puffed-up political set-pieces otherwise know as the conventions. Once the first coronation kicks off on August 25, brace for a ratcheting-up of the pummeling now through November 4 as jaw-boning pundits and other esteemed members of the Fourth Estate disgorge conventional electoral wisdom eight ways ’til Sunday. (more…)

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