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Shhhhh. You hear that? Exactly.

Thank you for helping us meet our goal.


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Who are those headphone-wearing folks in WBUR’s “event room,” seated at rows of laptops and looking for all the world like they belong in that concrete nest looming over Logan, guiding the red-eye onto the tarmac?

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Pledge board in KPBX, originally uploaded by Spokane Public Radio.

Hello everyone.

I confess I am still trying to shake off the post-repast sluggishness and it feels as though I am wading through molasses. Another get-together here at the station should provide a salutatory antidote. I find the frisson of ideas and enthusiasm these sessions generate extraordinarily rejuvenating. You listeners are one smart, creative bunch and I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow at 6:30 PM. (more…)

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Talking Turkey

Wild Turkeys 3-7-08, originally uploaded by Vicki’s Nature.

Wow. Yesterday’s request for feedback on using social media tools to solicit pledges generated a cascade of thoughtful comments both Tweeted and posted here. (more…)

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July Workshops on Social Media and Fundraising, originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg.

To tell you the truth, it is not something I am especially effective at. And I just don’t have the chops for the whole on-air pledge-drive routine. My hat goes off to those dedicated co-workers holed up in a glass-enclosed studio for hours, the electric ether transmitting their calls to action to thousands of listeners. (more…)

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Monday Blues, originally uploaded by Cvalentine.

Phew. Another fundraiser has come and gone.

WBUR’s Steve Brown has some words of thanks here (you will need to scroll down to the comments section to read them). And thank you, Steve, for posting that, completely unprompted by yours truly. (more…)

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