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Just as I share the big news about On Point’s senior producer embracing his inner Tweet (Twit?), the service slows to a pace familiar to geologists everywhere. (more…)


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Born Digital?

information generation

Information generation, originally uploaded by Bukutgirl.

This past Friday, WNYC’s On the Media aired a great interview with John Palfry, co-author of the new book Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives. According to Palfry and Urs Gasser, those born after 1980, or “digital natives,” think very differently from their elders, “digital immigrants.” (more…)

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QuotesNew year, new president, new … new media intern at WBUR. No, I’m not as exciting as the passage of time or President Obama, but I love a good portmanteau, so I’m joining the converstation. My name’s Lexy, and I’m a senior at Boston University, an avid consumer of public media, and one of the recent additions to the team of bright young whippersnappers learning the public radio ropes. (more…)

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Monday Afternoon Fun

Treat, originally uploaded by wasabicube.

You know the drill: Public radio is a rarefied stew of heavy reportage and deep analysis. Car Talk is one of the few salutatory antidotes to the immobilizing profundity of it all. (more…)

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RSS + MP3, originally uploaded by Alan Joyce.

In all my ebullience over the sublime new Here & Now website, I egregiously forgot to mention that the the audio is now served up in good-old fashioned mp3, thereby ending Real Media’s lock on the site, a longstanding frustration of many listeners, which I heartily shared. (more…)

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Months ago, I revealed to you the master plan. Here is the latest chalk mark on the wall. Curtain up and Here & Now step forward on the proscenium and take a long, proud bow.

The new Here & Now, originally uploaded by WBUR. (more…)

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New Here & Now Redesign, originally uploaded by WBUR.

For eons now I have been tempting listeners with promises of a shiny and improved Here & Now website. My initial post bemoaned the show logo itself, a flawed, convex monstrosity, sprinkled with what for all the world looked liked expletives plucked from cartoon bubbles (an unfortunate resemblance not unnoticed by a certain public radio host who shall remain nameless). (more…)

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