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Inside Out

Rachel Gotbaum’s series “Quality of Death, End of Life Care” has been airing in segments on Morning Edition this week. The one-hour documentary from which the segments were taken will air in its entirety Sunday at 8:00 PM. The audio will be archived on the website as well. (more…)


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Help Wanted

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Fresh on the heels of WBUR’s first “Tweet-Up,” another opportunity presents itself to debunk the stereotype of social media sites as all sizzle but no steak—a project that could sell the naysayers on social media’s news-gathering utility. Folks would then be forced to sit up and take notice. At least I hope they will.

To pull this off I am going to need your help.

WBUR’s Inside Out documentary unit is producing a program on the decline of the middle class. They need people feeling the economic pinch to contact them. (more…)

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