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Ian Remembered

Special Coverage

Graham Griffith, a former On Point senior producer, reflects on the passing of Ian Docherty, a singular personality and prescient journalist who last graced these hallways eight or so years ago. Graham observes that in August 2001, the Scotsman sniffed something afoot in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and was mystified why the American press so blithely ignored that country. (more…)


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"Ring and Spring" Microphones, originally uploaded by jschneid.

Vivian Schiller, who helms National Public Radio, spoke from DC with Tom Ashbrook yesterday. Check out the lively conversation the interview elicited on the website. Get any two radio listeners into a room…. (more…)

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Speaking of On Point…

There was a historic first today: Tom Ashbrook read a Tweet on-air.

Wow. Will wonders never cease?

I see that their number of followers is growing exponentially. I am not surprised, given the program’s popularity, but I am a tad jealous.

Follow them here: @onpointradio.

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One of the things I get a kick out of is that as we cover social media (and the Internet in general), we are also engaged in that very space, trying to figure out its relevance to what we do behind the studio glass. (more…)

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Passing In Review #2 09.03.31 0602, originally uploaded by rowland-w.

It’s smooth sailing, more or less, at this point in the wbur.org redesign process. Some choppy waters are inevitably ahead, given how momentous the journey is; still it’s remarkable how things, at the moment at least, seem to be gliding along. Of course, that is always the case after entering the eye.

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Just as I share the big news about On Point’s senior producer embracing his inner Tweet (Twit?), the service slows to a pace familiar to geologists everywhere. (more…)

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One of the steady hands at the helm when the Atlantic Monthly first dipped its prow into the waters of Web 1.0, On Point’s Senior Producer Wen Stephenson is certainly well-positioned to talk about the crisis the newspaper industry faces in this brave new digital world. (more…)

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