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Bob Garfield, co-host of the reliably superb “On the Media” (which airs Sundays on 90.9) peers into the media horizon and divines signs that bode ill for those of us in the content biz … bode very ill indeed … apocalyptically so. (more…)


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Born Digital?

information generation

Information generation, originally uploaded by Bukutgirl.

This past Friday, WNYC’s On the Media aired a great interview with John Palfry, co-author of the new book Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives. According to Palfry and Urs Gasser, those born after 1980, or “digital natives,” think very differently from their elders, “digital immigrants.” (more…)

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King George III and National Gallery, originally uploaded by Jay Pastor.

Bob Garfield’s earnest, moldy take on the evils of online comments reaps a whirlwind in the blogosphere. Not helping matters was Ira Glass, whose response to a loaded question was to conjure up the On the Media host as a latter-day George III. (more…)

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