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With Ken George: BFF, originally uploaded by stevegarfield

Podcamp Boston, where to begin?

My attendance was curtailed by responsibilities on the home front, but general impressions gleaned from my all-too-short visit to camp read like a hackneyed weather report (and no, I am not looking for work in the forecasting biz, so you may withdraw the offers forthwith): The intellectually and creatively charged atmosphere, cackling with ambition, exuberance, and good fun (are podcasters as a general rule required to be that funny?) left me feeling exhilarated. (more…)


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Summer Camp Bus Ride, originally uploaded by nyjuls1904.

As I board the bus to Summer Podcast Camp, it will be with some trepidation. The backpack is crammed with all the right gear (and my brown bag lunch), but I worry that none of the cool kids will want to hang with an old public radio hack like myself. (more…)

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