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Tech Rage

npr tech podcast, originally uploaded by leepro

Last week I was the recipient of a couple of surly tweets savaging a piece airing on All Things Considered. Decorum restrains me from naming names. The morbidly curious are advised to click here and here. (more…)


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Be Your Own PD

NPR Podcast Directory, originally uploaded by WBUR

This came by way of Dennis Haarsager, the steady hand at the helm of the mothership during an especially turbulent period: (more…)

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Local Hero

Verbatim, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Kudos to Karen Wise, she of formidable editing chops, consummate reader, mother, passionate cook, public radio podcast subscriber, a true mensch. (more…)

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Friday 13th, originally uploaded by betta design.

It is Friday the 13th, a good as time as any for the server to go plotz again. Luckily, our intrepid webmaster was able to quickly nail the problem, keeping fallout at a minimum, especially as compared to Wednesday’s orgy of mass panic and mayhem. (more…)

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Wait Wait…. Don’t tell me! I’m hooked…., originally uploaded by RobertN.

Excuse the riff on that inane credit card commercial, but I am naturally curious about what podcasts web-savvy public radio listeners subscribe to. (more…)

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