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In the Meantime


Hello. New Media intern here again. I must confess I too am responsible for the Converstation’s recent neglect.  But who can blame me? I’ve been single-handedly running the station (OK … I’ve mostly been blogging about vegetables) this week. The office is bit emptier than usual, what with Ken off swinging through tropical rainforests and making monkey friends, others on February break, and still others down in Hotlanta for the Integrated Media Association‘s 2009 Public Media Conference.* (more…)


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La Brea Tar Pits, originally uploaded by chadada.

I’m trying. I really am.

I refuse to be a representative voice of an old (can we substitute “traditional” instead?) media behemoth, infatuated with its girth and bellowing calls, blissfully ignorant of the tar pits ahead; dismissive of the fleet-footed rodents scurrying underfoot. (more…)

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