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BREAKFAST, originally uploaded by malias.

A few random thoughts…

Bright people served up plenty of big ideas at the Social Media Breakfast in Cambridge, MA, the significance of which I haven’t, in all honesty, fully digested yet. But all the excitement and energy percolating throughout Ryles Jazz Club this morning is characteristic of what you find in the creatively charged public radio biz. I had a great time, and my only regret is I didn’t get a chance to meet with more people—but as I am hungry for more food for thought, I plan to attend the next breakfast. See you then? (more…)


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This Shirt Could Be Yours!, originally uploaded by WBUR.

You may have noticed dear readers—dear reader?—the rather fluid nature of the blog’s name. I apologize to those having to continually update their blogroll, but I am having some naming troubles. In a nutshell: I can’t settle on one.

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