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My previous post got me to thinking about another popular show and its connection with 90.9. And that connection goes beyond the obvious.

You may have heard of the program, a modest little show out of Chicago (or is it NYC?) called “This American Life.” Yeah, I imagine you’ve heard of it. (more…)


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Wait Wait…. Don’t tell me! I’m hooked…., originally uploaded by RobertN.

Excuse the riff on that inane credit card commercial, but I am naturally curious about what podcasts web-savvy public radio listeners subscribe to. (more…)

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tree peony, originally uploaded by samatt.

The people have spoken. It is officially “The ConverStation.”

I thought the name might be too clever by half. You begged to disagree, and the majority of your comments favored some variation of “Converstation.”


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This Shirt Could Be Yours!, originally uploaded by WBUR.

You may have noticed dear readers—dear reader?—the rather fluid nature of the blog’s name. I apologize to those having to continually update their blogroll, but I am having some naming troubles. In a nutshell: I can’t settle on one.

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