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"Ring and Spring" Microphones, originally uploaded by jschneid.

Vivian Schiller, who helms National Public Radio, spoke from DC with Tom Ashbrook yesterday. Check out the lively conversation the interview elicited on the website. Get any two radio listeners into a room…. (more…)


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Speaking of On Point…

There was a historic first today: Tom Ashbrook read a Tweet on-air.

Wow. Will wonders never cease?

I see that their number of followers is growing exponentially. I am not surprised, given the program’s popularity, but I am a tad jealous.

Follow them here: @onpointradio.

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Obama Inauguration 2009, originally uploaded by Saquan Stimpson/monstershaq2000.

It has been an especially frenetic time here at WBUR.

Frantic calls to book flights, rooms, and rides, jiggering and re-jiggering of program schedules, and a manic homepage makeover as the station prepares for Barack Obama’s accession to the office of President of the United States. (more…)

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Audio Goodies

Ashbrook & Leibovitz, originally uploaded by WBUR

Sadly, this slipped so far under my radar that it was clipping daisies. A shame, because had I not been so consumed with jet-lag, I would have done my small part to publicize it. (more…)

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Car Talk

Taxi, originally uploaded by Stephan Geyer.

The only blot on Tuesday nights “Tweet-Up”: my trek to Arlington after the obligatory eats and drinks at The Sunset. I live in the Heights, only about 13 or so miles as the crow flies from the Hub, but when you are as dependent on the T as I am, it at times can feel like eighty. (more…)

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The New On Point Website, originally uploaded by WBUR

And now, as promised, served up steaming fresh from the oven is the On Point website redesign (subject to change at a moment’s notice, of course). (more…)

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BREAKFAST, originally uploaded by malias.

A few random thoughts…

Bright people served up plenty of big ideas at the Social Media Breakfast in Cambridge, MA, the significance of which I haven’t, in all honesty, fully digested yet. But all the excitement and energy percolating throughout Ryles Jazz Club this morning is characteristic of what you find in the creatively charged public radio biz. I had a great time, and my only regret is I didn’t get a chance to meet with more people—but as I am hungry for more food for thought, I plan to attend the next breakfast. See you then? (more…)

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