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Wanted: New Twitter Icon


Announcing our first-ever design-a-new-Twitter-icon-for-@wbur-contest. (A.k.a. a plaintive cry for help.) (more…)


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The above gets my competitive juices flowing. (more…)

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Flu Shots

Outbreaks are tailor-made for social media. There’s the Google map mash-up, the Centers for Disease Control Twitter-feed, and now NPR has lauched its very own “flu blog,” pithily titled “Flu Shots.”

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@bostonmarketer and @JoselinMane

@bostonmarketer and @JoselinMane

Yes, it has happened before.

Check this out. Not only that, we’ve had one of the regular attendees to the @wbur Tweet-ups report for us. (more…)

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Speaking of On Point…

There was a historic first today: Tom Ashbrook read a Tweet on-air.

Wow. Will wonders never cease?

I see that their number of followers is growing exponentially. I am not surprised, given the program’s popularity, but I am a tad jealous.

Follow them here: @onpointradio.

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One of the things I get a kick out of is that as we cover social media (and the Internet in general), we are also engaged in that very space, trying to figure out its relevance to what we do behind the studio glass. (more…)

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The historic first “Tweet-up”, originally uploaded by WBUR.

It’s edifying to read what people write about 90.9 in their blogs (well … it’s often edifying). (more…)

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