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An interesting coincidence, is it not, that much of Bob Oakes’ field research is conducted tableside at local eateries?


The Morning Edition host diligently digs into some oysters … er, I mean is digging up a big, important news story alongside Legal Seafood CEO Roger Berkowitz.



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Inside Out

Rachel Gotbaum’s series “Quality of Death, End of Life Care” has been airing in segments on Morning Edition this week. The one-hour documentary from which the segments were taken will air in its entirety Sunday at 8:00 PM. The audio will be archived on the website as well. (more…)

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Just as I share the big news about On Point’s senior producer embracing his inner Tweet (Twit?), the service slows to a pace familiar to geologists everywhere. (more…)

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Born Digital?

information generation

Information generation, originally uploaded by Bukutgirl.

This past Friday, WNYC’s On the Media aired a great interview with John Palfry, co-author of the new book Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives. According to Palfry and Urs Gasser, those born after 1980, or “digital natives,” think very differently from their elders, “digital immigrants.” (more…)

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Car Talk

Taxi, originally uploaded by Stephan Geyer.

The only blot on Tuesday nights “Tweet-Up”: my trek to Arlington after the obligatory eats and drinks at The Sunset. I live in the Heights, only about 13 or so miles as the crow flies from the Hub, but when you are as dependent on the T as I am, it at times can feel like eighty. (more…)

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July Workshops on Social Media and Fundraising, originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg.

To tell you the truth, it is not something I am especially effective at. And I just don’t have the chops for the whole on-air pledge-drive routine. My hat goes off to those dedicated co-workers holed up in a glass-enclosed studio for hours, the electric ether transmitting their calls to action to thousands of listeners. (more…)

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Local Hero

Verbatim, originally uploaded by WBUR.

Kudos to Karen Wise, she of formidable editing chops, consummate reader, mother, passionate cook, public radio podcast subscriber, a true mensch. (more…)

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