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What do you want from me ?, originally uploaded by Wonderlane.

Our gray hairs (or lack thereof) and wrinkle lines document years spent parsing what you, dear listener/user, want to see, read, or experience on the website of your NPR News Station of choice. We are tired and weary, but obsessively determined to crack this nut. (more…)


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Collaborate, originally uploaded by Manzabar.

Inspired by Andy Carvin’s yeoman effort, as well as SoMe Election 08, I am in the mood for something adventurous. Specifically, how can 90.9 collaborate on some sort sort of crowd-sourced project? (more…)

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The Next Duck

get your ducks in a row!, originally uploaded by debaird.

Fellow-travelers whose stars burn much brighter in the blogging firmament then mine called my attention to that show-stopper of a website recently unveiled by that public broadcasting behemoth out on the left coast. (more…)

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Monday Blues, originally uploaded by Cvalentine.

Phew. Another fundraiser has come and gone.

WBUR’s Steve Brown has some words of thanks here (you will need to scroll down to the comments section to read them). And thank you, Steve, for posting that, completely unprompted by yours truly. (more…)

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A Kvetch, originally uploaded by mrs deedop.

My request for feedback largely fell on deaf ears with a couple of notable exceptions. Thank you, Anali. And my special thanks to speed blogger Adam Gaffin for his considered analysis of the ‘bur homepage: (more…)

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Car Talk Mug, originally uploaded by WBUR.

I must be crazy for rewarding people for criticizing us. Perhaps so.

Regardless, here it goes:

Take a long, hard look at wbur.org and affiliated websites. (more…)

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pastinstall2, originally uploaded by WBUR.

No need for the standard long-winded explanation, as the concept is simple. But then again, many simple ideas proved to be very lucrative on the Web. (more…)

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