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It’s been roughly two years and three months since I uploaded 90.9’s first video to YouTube: A grainy, slightly jerky shot of a curator at the ICA talking about the roomier exhibition space and collections at the museum’s new waterfront venue. I tagged along with a reporter to try my hand at some impromptu videography. Now, it’s often a reporter or producer who is shooting the video.



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End of the train, originally uploaded by railtalk.

The conventions are over. Unplug the PC, TV, and radio (gasp!). Can the watercooler talk and armchair political quarterbacking and switch the topic to … anything but elections. (more…)

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Middle Class Blues

They bought it! The choreography was flawless: a series of smoothly executed pirouettes and fouettés that had ‘em leaping from their chairs with applause. (more…)

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wednesday afternoon, originally uploaded by brianwferry

Random notes from a slumberous Summer afternoon…

The webmaster is slouched over his PC well into a frenetic, caffeine-fueled, finger-numbing, code-slinging marathon, the end of which promises a new, improved, sweet-lookin’ On Point website. The monster is due to rise up off the slab this week. So keep the faith, people. We are oh-so-very-close. (more…)

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IMG_0795, originally uploaded by WBUR.

The content management system was sputtering and spitting bolts in all directions today, sending managers and an assortment of producers scurrying for cover. (more…)

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Claudine Ebeid, Radio Boston producer, originally uploaded by WBUR.

It was back in December ‘06, when I first uploaded a video to YouTube, a brief interview with an ICA curator that I shot on my Cannon Camcorder and edited using Apple’s iMovie. A modest, rushed little effort, it has, to date, garnered a modest 774 views. (more…)

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