Karen WiseAnyone need a first-rate copyeditor? Then meet Karen Wise. I can attest to her formidable chops, as she has cleaned up my prodigious messes for over a year now.

Make sure to read her extraordinarily well-written blog, Verbatim, the “Musings of a stay-home mom of 3, freelance copyeditor, voracious reader, and enthusiastic cook.”

If you wish to contact her, please click on the e-mail link on her blog.

Thank you, Karen. Best of luck with everything.


Ian Remembered

Special Coverage

Graham Griffith, a former On Point senior producer, reflects on the passing of Ian Docherty, a singular personality and prescient journalist who last graced these hallways eight or so years ago. Graham observes that in August 2001, the Scotsman sniffed something afoot in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and was mystified why the American press so blithely ignored that country. Continue Reading »


My neighbor the, estimable Namita Raina, clued me into this “Mad Men Yourself” phenomenon that is apparently sweeping the continent.

I feel so out of it Continue Reading »

Bubbles Are Bad

trapped in bubbles, originally uploaded by leodirac.

Bubbles are pernicious things to be trapped inside of.

If solid in color, then obviously, the world outside becomes invisible.

But bubbles of clear plastic or soap can be quite transparent.

Viewed from inside, the inwardly curving or sloping soap-filmed surface area registers the same effect as a fun house mirror. Outside objects are larger, or smaller, or hazier, or trippier then in real life. The dull can look really interesting and the interesting dull. Continue Reading »


What makes one station different from another – one digital solution different from another – is its voice. Its humanity.

Good luck budget-cutting your way to that.


beginnings.., originally uploaded by Sir Mervs.

Well, folks, that’s all she wrote….

I am leaving WBUR for the wilds of Upstate New York to take a position as Web Director at Union College.

My last day here at the station will be August 7. Continue Reading »

Well Looky Here

The mothership has redesigned its website as well…